Freddie Gray Protest

Days ago after hearing about the circumstances surrounding the death of Freddie Gray while in Baltimore City Police custody and seeing the aftermath unfold right in my back yard, I decided to get involved. I felt compelled to get involved as a photojournalist. I couldn’t let such a historical event happen blocks away from me and not go document it. While the first few days of protests were going on, unfortunately I had prior commitments and I could get out and shoot.

The first chance I got was on Wednesday evening as the demonstrators marched from the Baltimore City Police Department’s Western District to City Hall. When I arrived on the scene at City Hall I was just trying to get up to speed with what was unfolding. A few interesting things happened, but before I knew it, it was over. With a large rally at City Hall planned for Thursday I decided I would be there from start to finish.

I arrived early and photographed as religious leaders spoke in front of City Hall. The crowd grew and after the speakers were finished the demonstrators took to the streets once again. They converged on downtown, up through Federal Hill and then began the trek back to west Baltimore to the Police Station. Up until then the participants had been relatively peaceful. Once they started heading for the Western District things began to get heated.  As the crowd came upon a police car in the road on Pratt Street protestors laid down on the hood with one climbing on the car and standing up. On another occasion protestors swarmed another cop car as two officers sat inside. Eventually the crowd moved on.

Police formed a line of officers attempting to block off MLK Ave. Protestors began to push forward and although the police originally provided resistance, the order was eventually given to let the protestors pass. Further west, now on Pennsylvania avenue the cops converged on the crowd. The police immediately apprehended the young man who previously jumped on the hood of the police car. As the police formed a line to contain the protestors things got physical and another young man was arrested.

I was right in the mix when everything was happening. Emotions were high again once the crowd ended up at the Western District Police Station, where citizens confronted police who stood guard outside the building. I’m so glad I made the decision to cover these events. I hope by sharing my images, more attention can be brought to this issue and changes can be made. This isn’t a political blog so I’m going to keep it light on opinion, but regardless of the circumstances, a young man died. Yes, he may have had a troubled past…yes, he may have ran from police, but he didn’t deserve to die this way.


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Super Bowl XLIX : My Take

In the last 8 years I have photographed a lot of NFL football games…all of which were shot as a team photographer for the Baltimore Ravens. A few days ago I photographed my first NFL game that did not involve the Ravens…It just so happened to be the Super Bowl. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the NFL asking if I wanted to be a part of their photo team if the Ravens didn’t make the Super Bowl. Of course I said yes. (Insert a giant thank you to Ben and the rest of the photo crew for having me along)

I was excited to be able to approach a game purely as a photojournalist, not caring who won or lost, just there to capture what happened. Although this was my first time shooting the Super Bowl for the NFL, it was not my first Super Bowl. I was with the Ravens when they won the Super Bowl two years ago. Naturally things were a little different. As a team photographer  I am allowed on the field during pre game warmups, in the locker room and inside the bench area. That was not the case in Arizona (which I expected). During a game for the Ravens I roam the entire sideline working opposite the team’s other photographer Phil Hoffmann. For the NFL I was stationed in the same corner of the field for the entire game.

My assignment? Shoot whatever happens in front of my lens. After the game, I had a more specific task. Originally I was supposed to shoot the winning coach. Just before the game things got switched around so that each photographer would just shoot the coach/QB on their sideline. I just happened to be on the Seahawks sideline. Although not as fun as shooting the winner, I made a few frames of Pete Carroll shaking hands with Bill Belichick then somberly walking off the field. After that I tried my best to work my way back into the media scrums which were already jam-packed.

All in all it was a great experience for me. Although I’d love it if the Ravens went to the Super Bowl every year, if they don’t, hopefully I’ll still make my way on to the field.

SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-01 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-02 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-03 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-04 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-05 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-06 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-07 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-08 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-09 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-10 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-11 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-12 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-13 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-14 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-15 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-16 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-17 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-18 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-19 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-20 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-21 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-22 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-23 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-24 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-25 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-26 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-27 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-28 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-29 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-30 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-31 SuperBowlXLIX-Hubbard-32


Baltimore Ravens : Best of the 2014 Season

This year was an incredible one for me. I was busier shooting and editing than ever before. One of the few downsides of that was having to sacrifice making regular posts to my blog. I decided to try and make up for that by selecting my favorite images from the Ravens 2014 season. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look. Enjoy!

2014RavensBest-Blog-01 2014RavensBest-Blog-02 2014RavensBest-Blog-03 2014RavensBest-Blog-04 2014RavensBest-Blog-05 2014RavensBest-Blog-06 2014RavensBest-Blog-07 2014RavensBest-Blog-08 2014RavensBest-Blog-09 2014RavensBest-Blog-10 2014RavensBest-Blog-11 2014RavensBest-Blog-12 2014RavensBest-Blog-13 2014RavensBest-Blog-14 2014RavensBest-Blog-15 2014RavensBest-Blog-16 2014RavensBest-Blog-17 2014RavensBest-Blog-18 2014RavensBest-Blog-19 2014RavensBest-Blog-20 2014RavensBest-Blog-21 2014RavensBest-Blog-22 2014RavensBest-Blog-23 2014RavensBest-Blog-24 2014RavensBest-Blog-25 2014RavensBest-Blog-26 2014RavensBest-Blog-27 2014RavensBest-Blog-28 2014RavensBest-Blog-29 2014RavensBest-Blog-30 2014RavensBest-Blog-31 2014RavensBest-Blog-32 2014RavensBest-Blog-33 2014RavensBest-Blog-34 2014RavensBest-Blog-35 2014RavensBest-Blog-36 2014RavensBest-Blog-37 2014RavensBest-Blog-38 2014RavensBest-Blog-39 2014RavensBest-Blog-40 2014RavensBest-Blog-41 2014RavensBest-Blog-42 2014RavensBest-Blog-43 2014RavensBest-Blog-44 2014RavensBest-Blog-45 2014RavensBest-Blog-46 2014RavensBest-Blog-472014RavensBest-Blog-49 2014RavensBest-Blog-50 2014RavensBest-Blog-51 2014RavensBest-Blog-52 2014RavensBest-Blog-482014RavensBest-Blog-53 2014RavensBest-Blog-54 2014RavensBest-Blog-55 2014RavensBest-Blog-56 2014RavensBest-Blog-57 2014RavensBest-Blog-58 2014RavensBest-Blog-59 2014RavensBest-Blog-60


Cheerleading Tryouts

This past weekend the Baltimore Ravens held their annual cheerleading tryouts. Hundreds came out, but only a select few made it past the two day tryout and on to the interview round. Here is my take…

CheerTryouts001 CheerTryouts002 CheerTryouts003 CheerTryouts004 CheerTryouts005 CheerTryouts006 CheerTryouts007 CheerTryouts008 CheerTryouts009 CheerTryouts010 CheerTryouts011 CheerTryouts012 CheerTryouts013 CheerTryouts014 CheerTryouts015 CheerTryouts016 CheerTryouts017 CheerTryouts018


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