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Pittsburgh steals one

Emotions were running high during the NFL’s premier rivalry between the Ravens and the Steelers. After the Ravens pulled out a last minute win over the Steelers at Heinz field earlier this year, Pittsburgh decided to return the favor at “The Bank” last Sunday night in prime time. Although the Ravens were in control for most of the game, Pittsburgh’s Troy Polomalu came up with a big strip sack on Joe Flacco which proved to be one of the deciding plays of the game. Joe had one more play to redeem himself on 4th and 2, but came up short on a pass to wide open rookie tight end, Ed Dixon.

This was the first time this season the Ravens had lost at home, so its also the first time this year I’ve had to edit my pictures after a loss…let me tell you that its not fun at all. This was also not the easiest game to photograph. There were a lot of scrappy plays in the trenches and there weren’t a ton of dynamic plays in favor of the Ravens. I decided to take some risks with my positioning during a few plays…none of which paid off…but thats just how it goes sometimes. Its tough to be excited about photos from a loss, but I hope you will enjoy them none the less.