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Making the Cut

The Baltimore Ravens made their final selections for the 2011-2012 Cheerleading squad in front of a crowd of more than 600 people Saturday night. This was the first time that cheerleading tryouts had been held in front of the general public, and I think that dynamic really made for some great entertainment. The Sheraton was full of energy the entire night and I think the girls on stage really thrived on it.

Knowing many of the guys and girls trying out made for a bittersweet ending to the evening as not everyone can make the team. So, congratulations to all those who made it and for those that didn’t…don’t be discouraged…everything happens for a reason. Turn your disappointment into inspiration.

This was the first time with a camera my hand after taking some time off due to the passing of my father. Although I was a bit nervous about being able to focus on shooting again, the positive vibe of this event really helped me get back in the groove.

I hope you will enjoy the images…