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Last stop, Cincinnati

I got to travel with the Ravens to Cincinnati for their final regular season game. With a win the Ravens would have clinched their 6th consecutive trip to the playoffs, but in the end they couldn’t pull off a victory.

This is only the second year since I have been photographing the Ravens that they have not made the playoffs, so it is still a weird feeling knowing I won’t be shooting any football  games in January.

I am definitely disappointed that the season is over, but to be honest I am excited about some other things I’ll be able to accomplish with a little extra time on my hands. Hopefully that includes finally building a new website and spending some quality time with my lovely wife.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the game.

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Two for 2012

The Ravens are in the playoffs for the 5th time in as many years.

No other NFL team can say that.

Who knows what the future will bring for the Ravens this year, but it sure has been a fun ride.

I forgot to blog the Giants game so I’m including those images along with new images from the Bengals game.

Thanks to everyone for checking out my images this year and I hope to keep you entertained in 2013.


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