Friends and Foes

It’s no secret..the NFL is a business…a results driven business. Teams acquire coaches and players based on their ability to perform. They are paid millions of dollars to bring success to their teams. If they don’t perform, sometimes they are let go. If they perform really well, sometimes their value is so high that other teams offer them more money than their current teams can afford to keep them. Personnel decisions in the NFL don’t always make sense, but that’s just how it works sometimes.

As coaches and players move on to new opportunities, occasionally they play their former teams. Situations like this normally garner a lot of attention, billed as a chance for the player or coach to get “revenge” on their former team for letting them go. Most of the time these situations are more memorable for allowing old friends the chance to see each other and catch up. The bonds these guys form almost always outshine any business decisions that surround them and it’s always fun to see them reconnect.

In their home opener, the Ravens welcomed the Buffalo Bills to Baltimore. The Bills are a team with several former Ravens, most notably head coach Rex Ryan, assistant coach Ed Reed and quarterback Tyrod Taylor. It was great to see these old friends sharing smiles and hugs with current Ravens before and after the game. During the game, however, it was all business.


Best of the Preseason

A few of my favorite images from the 2016 NFL preseason…


Tear Sheet: SHAPE Magazine

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Earlier this year I was contacted by SHAPE magazine to create some images for their monthly feature called “Movers & Shapers.”

Every month they cover an inspirational athlete and for their April 2016 issue they decided to profile Baltimore’s Adrienne Lofton. Adrienne is the Senior Vice President of Global Brand Marketing for Under Armour. We wanted to capture her during one of her boxing workouts with her personal trainer. The location they had picked out was down in “The Pit” over at Under Armour’s global headquarters, conveniently enough, right down the street from my house.

Adrienne is not your typical “executive.” She was warm and inviting when we met and she had an incredible energy about her. When she put on her boxing gloves and started hitting the pads she turned into a total badass! What I loved the most about shooting with her was that she was focused on keeping perfect form and not doing something fake just to make a picture. I didn’t have a lot of time with her, so we focused on the motions that we knew would work best and grinded it out.

Here is the image that ran in the magazine…also one of my favorites!

Adrienne Lofton for Shape Magazine. Photo: Shawn Hubbard

Adrienne Lofton for Shape Magazine. Photo: Shawn Hubbard

Ten Years Of Cheers

This past weekend I photographed the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading tryouts for the 10th year in a row. The faces of the competitors have changed, but for 10 years, everything else has stayed relatively the same. To anyone with a creative mind, an assignment like this has the potential to be extremely frustrating.

Every time I go out on assignment, regardless of how many times I’ve photographed something before, I try to look at things with fresh eyes. I try and avoid the “safe” shots that have worked in previous outings and really push myself to be creative. That can be especially challenging when you are also shooting in an environment that is poorly lit and full of distracting elements everywhere you look.

For Ravens cheerleading tryouts, I do set up lights because the available overhead fluorescent spot lights just don’t provide the quality I need to produce images for advertising. As far as the background goes, sometimes I embrace the clutter, while other times I try to hide it depending on the look I am going for it.

No matter what the challenge, this assignment is a lot of fun because it pushes me to be better and see differently.

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