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Best of 2015 – Green Bay Packers

With every new year there are new clients and 2015 presented me with some great opportunities.

Most of you know that I am a team photographer for the Ravens and while I love the work that I do with them, it’s not a full time gig. I work with a variety of other editorial and commercial clients throughout the year creating work that usually is not related to football.

However, last year was a little different. Aside from having the chance to photograph the Super Bowl as a part of the NFL’s photo team I was hired by the Green Bay Packers to create marketing imagery for their 2015 season.

My availability is always first committed to the Ravens, but since I only shoot about half of their away games, I do have a few weekends off during the season. I was able to make it to Green Bay for a few practices and games and although I was shooting on field action, I was primarily focusing more on non action images.

It’s always interesting to see how other NFL teams operate and The Packers, much like the Ravens are a great organization and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to work with them.

Here are a few of my favorite images from my time with them.

Packers2015-01 Packers2015-02 Packers2015-03 Packers2015-04 Packers2015-05 Packers2015-06 Packers2015-07 Packers2015-08 Packers2015-09 Packers2015-10 Packers2015-11 Packers2015-12 Packers2015-13 Packers2015-14 Packers2015-15 Packers2015-16 Packers2015-17 Packers2015-18 Packers2015-19 Packers2015-20 Packers2015-21 Packers2015-22 Packers2015-23 Packers2015-24 Packers2015-25 Packers2015-26 Packers2015-27 Packers2015-28 Packers2015-29 Packers2015-30


Best of 2015 – Baltimore Ravens

2015 has come and gone and it’s time to look back and reflect on the experiences I’ve had. I finished up my 9th season as one of the team photographers for the Baltimore Ravens. I share that title with the Ravens other long time team photographer Phil Hoffmann. While Phil has been around from the beginning of the Ravens franchise and has seen many ups and downs, during my time with the team I’ve experienced mostly ups. My first year with the team in 2007, the Ravens went 5-11 and since then they have won a Super Bowl and only missed the playoffs one year. That is until this past year where they once again ended up 5-11.

During the Ravens many successful years I would often think about teams that would only win a handful of games and think, “Man, I wonder what it’s like to be a photographer for THAT team. That must be terrible.”

Well, now I know what it’s like…and you know what…it’s not terrible.

It’s great actually. It’s REALLY great.

Why? Because I love what I do and I am invested in being a part of this team and telling their story, no matter what happens.

Is winning MORE fun? Absolutely. But winning or losing never changes my approach or passion for doing my job.

That being said, here are my favorite moments from a roller coaster of a season.

0001Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0002Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0003Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0004Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0005Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0006Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0007Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0008Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0009Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0010Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0011Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0012Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0013Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0014Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0015Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0016Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0017Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0018Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0019Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0020Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0021Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0022Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0023Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0024Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0025Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0026Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0027Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0028Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0029Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0030Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0031Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0032Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0033Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0034Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0035Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0036Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0037Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0038Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0039Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0040Hubbard-Ravens-2015

Home or Away

I love shooting football.

I really love shooting the Ravens play at M&T Bank Stadium. The introductions…the roar of the crowd..the music…its all very familiar.

But you know what I really, REALLY love?

Shooting away games

Why?…the quick and easy answer is…Its just about football.

As one of the team photographers I have a list of things I need to photograph on a home game day in addition to the action thats happening on the field. Whether its sponsorship obligations outside of the stadium or a list of VIP personnel on the sidelines before kickoff, halftime activities or cheerleader and marching band performances after each quarter. All those things are an important part of my job.

However, for away games, none of those responsibilities exist. I simply have to focus on football. I love getting to the stadium super early and taking my traditional walking lap around the field. I love photographing the players in those quiet moments when they are getting focused before the game. Even though players have the EXACT same warm up routine before every game, I really strive to make artistic images during this time. I try to see how different I can make it look each week. During home games my ability to photograph this part of the day is limited.

Successfully shooting a football game has a lot to do with getting in a groove and feeling the flow of the game. On the road the distractions are limited and I really feel like I can just be in the moment and concentrate on the game.

Either way, I love my job and I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity and access to do what I do. Whether home or away, both arena’s feature different things that inspire me and have me looking forward to Sunday every week.

RavensBrowns110313sh01 RavensBrowns110313sh02 RavensBrowns110313sh03 RavensBrowns110313sh04 RavensBrowns110313sh05 RavensBrowns110313sh06 RavensBrowns110313sh07 RavensBrowns110313sh08 RavensBrowns110313sh09 RavensBrowns110313sh10 RavensBrowns110313sh11 RavensBrowns110313sh12 RavensBrowns110313sh13 RavensBrowns110313sh14 RavensBrowns110313sh15 RavensBrowns110313sh16 RavensBrowns110313sh17 RavensBrowns110313sh18 RavensBrowns110313sh19 RavensBrowns110313sh20RavensBrowns110313sh23 RavensBrowns110313sh21 RavensBrowns110313sh22RavensBrowns110313sh24 RavensBrowns110313sh25 RavensBrowns110313sh26 RavensBrowns110313sh27 RavensBrowns110313sh28 RavensBrowns110313sh29 RavensBrowns110313sh30 RavensBrowns110313sh31 RavensBrowns110313sh32