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Practice Makes Pictures

Well, its my 2nd favorite time of year…Football is back…training camp is in full swing and another NFL season is right around the corner.

Training Camp is something I really enjoy shooting, but its not without its challenges. With so much repetition of the same thing, its easy to become tempted to shoot the same things everyday. My goal however is to find unique moments at each practice and come away with a set of images that don’t look exactly the same. So far so good.

What’s my actual favorite time of year? That time right after becoming Super Bowl Champions…

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Historic Win

After three weeks off from shooting football, I was anxious to get back on the field Sunday.

After a lot of recent criticism about “barely” winning games, the Ravens were anxious to prove their critics wrong. They did…in a big way.

They scored more points than any other team in Ravens history.

As a team photographer I feel an immense amount of pressure and gratitude to have the incredible opportunity to document this team’s history and games like this make it extra special.


(Insert Headline Here)

By now everyone is aware of the headlines…

“Ravens get redemption for AFC Championship game”

“Torrey Smith overcomes loss and shines in honor of brother”

“Justin Tucker kicks game winner”

It was an amazing night. I am so glad I was not watching this game as a fan, because I probably would have ripped out my hair.

Now…time to get ready to do it all over again tonight.


Thankful on Thursday Night

If you follow the Ravens or the 49ers, then last week you were undoubtedly bombarded by headlines like “Harbowl”, “Epic Sibling Rivalry” or “Brothers Duel.” You may have thought there was going to be a prize fight between John and Jim Harbaugh in Baltimore on Thursday night.

However, despite what the media circus might have wanted you to believe, two teams had to suit up and actually play a football game. With a dominating performance from the defense and some clutch plays from the offense, the Ravens had a lot to be thankful for.

Because I was working, my family postponed Thanksgiving dinner. Although I didn’t have any turkey on Thursday, I’d say a big fat win was the next best thing.