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Practice Makes Pictures

Well, its my 2nd favorite time of year…Football is back…training camp is in full swing and another NFL season is right around the corner.

Training Camp is something I really enjoy shooting, but its not without its challenges. With so much repetition of the same thing, its easy to become tempted to shoot the same things everyday. My goal however is to find unique moments at each practice and come away with a set of images that don’t look exactly the same. So far so good.

What’s my actual favorite time of year? That time right after becoming Super Bowl Champions…

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Getting warmed up

It didn’t take long for players to get warmed up for their first full team practice of the Ravens 2012 Training Camp…after all, it was a hundred degrees out.

I love shooting training camp because it allows me access and perspectives I could never get during a game. Because their are very similar elements of each practice, day after day, the challenge is making fresh new images each time.

Luckily, I get bored easily, and I am always trying to think of new ways to shoot the same thing. Let’s see what happens today…

Knocking off the rust

I’m not going to lie…I’m excited

NFL football is here again.

Ravens training camp opened yesterday at the newly named “Under Armour Performance Center” in Owings Mills, MD. Its time for the players to sharpen their skills after a long offseason away from football. Likewise, its time for me to focus my skills back on football after a long off season of studio, portrait and commercial work. Not to mention I took a lot of time off for my wedding and honeymoon in Bali. (I swear I will post some pictures eventually)

Just like the Ravens I will spend the next few weeks, trying to get back up to game speed in time for the start of the season. Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday.