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Best of the Preseason

Ahhhh….smell that?

The smoke in the tunnel…the beer in the stands…the sweat on the field…smells like football.

Its my favorite time of year…the start of football season.

It really kicks off tonight, with the first regular season game against the Denver Broncos, but here is what the Ravens and I have been up to so far this year…enjoy

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Keeping the Faith

The air was too thin. The quarterback wasn’t elite. The linebacker was past his prime. The opposition, too great to overcome.

No one gave the Ravens a chance……except the Ravens.

Last week when Ray Lewis walked out of the tunnel at M&T Bank stadium for the last time, I thought to myself. “OK, this is the emotional pinnacle of the year.”

Not so fast.

I’ve never photographed such an amazing roller coast of a football game in my life.

Needless to say with as much action went on, as fate would have it, I didn’t have a great shot at most of it. The first four touchdowns were either on the opposite side of the field, facing away from me or completely obstructed. It was pretty frustrating.

But in the moment I realized that the game was bigger than my ego and I was happy to be there to witness such a monumental game in Ravens history.

Luckily my focus during any given football game attempts to go beyond the action and delve into the intense emotions that surround these games.

After the game, the locker room was absolutely ecstatic. Hearing speeches from Coach Harbaugh and Ray Lewis you realize that there is something special going with this team, you can just feel it.

As the Ravens continue on their journey, their faith in each other and their faith in a power greater than themselves guides them along the way.

Next stop, Foxborough. See you there.

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The Ravens win at home. Thats just what happens…until now. After an impressive streak of home wins, the Ravens have lost their last two games at M&T Bank Stadium and their streak of consecutive losses now stands at three.

Its not something I’m used to. I’ve been shooting for the Ravens since 2007 and I cannot remember a time when the entire stadium collectively booed this team in the 1st quarter and then proceeded to file out of the stadium in the 3rd quarter. It was a weird feeling.

Granted, things weren’t going well. This was the first game for the Ravens under command of their new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell. Clearly the new offense needs time to gel.

They will certainly have their hands full this Sunday against a desperate Giants team, fighting for a playoff spot. The Ravens have already earned a spot in the post season but they will be fighting to earn some respect back from their fans and the rest of the league.

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