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Chasing the “Perfect Image”

When I set out to shoot a game I have one very specific personal goal…make an amazing image of every play…simple right? Although I have yet to achieve this goal during a game, if I don’t strive for perfection I’ll never get better.

The “perfect image”, in my opinion, is one that technically and artistically captures the peak moment of a critical play. It’s sharp, well composed, unobstructed by other players or refs, and visibly shows players’ faces in front of a clean background. Is that too much to ask?  Unfortunately, the scenario of a football game is engineered to defy all of these criteria.

Sometimes I “capture” a big play, but I don’t necessarily make a great image and sometimes I make a successful image of a situation that ultimately has no significance to the outcome of the game. Both have their use. I am documenting Ravens history, so its important to keep record of important moments even if they aren’t the “best” images. Its also important to me personally to make “good “images even if they capture moments that don’t necessarily change the outcome of a game. When you can make a great image of a big play its special.

Needless to say, I don’t think I was able to make anything very special on Monday night. From my position, many of the big plays were either obstructed or the players involved were simply just not facing my direction. The good thing is that I’ll get another chance this week and I’ll never stop chasing the “perfect image.”

Playoff Bound!

The Ravens snuck out another close win last weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals. Although they’ll admit they left a lot of points on the field, a win is a win, and the Ravens are in the playoffs for the 3rd straight year…quite an accomplishment. It was an ugly game, which is tough to photograph, but I always have fun on the sidelines.

Just so I didn’t get bored, I shot the third quarter from up in the stands. I really like this perspective for football. So often, the sidelines are EXTREMELY cluttered with team personnel, photographers, cheerleaders, security guards and other random people getting in my way. When you move up to a higher vantage point all that stuff goes away and you are left with the two best elements…the players and the field. So simple, and totally my style.

Aside from that, I’m looking forward to my trip with the team to Kansas City. Traveling with the Ravens is always an interesting experience. I’ve never shot at Arrowhead and I hear its going to be cold and loud….sounds like fun to me!