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I am FINALLY happy to announce that my new website is LIVE! I can’t even begin to tell you what a labor of love it has been over the last few weeks…months…yeah, it’s been a process If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I was planning on launching last week. That was until I decided I needed to agonize over the final edit for another week. In all seriousness though, after getting some heartfelt, insightful advice from someone I really trust in the industry, I decided to rethink my edit.

Ultimately we decided that my best work…the work with the most heart and most representative of who I am as a photographer was not being prioritized. You’ll definitely find some old favorites throughout the new site, but you’ll also see a lot of never-before-seen work including several  documentary projects that I am extremely proud of. You can find some of that work in the new “Stories” section.
Anyway, rather than explain every nook and cranny of the new site, I’ll let you go and explore it for yourself. Thanks in advance for looking and I hope you enjoy it.

Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation

As a photographer covering the NFL its your job to tell the story of the game? Well, yeah…but…

As a photojournalist your assignment is to capture the action and emotions of the game in an unbiased way. You photograph both teams, just trying to make great images and tell the story. It doesn’t really matter who comes out on top.

Well, as a team photographer, my assignment is a bit more challenging. Only 50% of that action and emotion has any use to my client…The Ravens

Although, I am shooting the game…I am really shooting the Ravens. My photos are published by the Ravens and exclusively seen by Ravens fans. So regardless of how good or bad the Ravens play, its my job to make images that are useable by the team and that interest those people who follow the team.

This was one of those games where that assignment was extremely challenging. Although the Ravens did have their moments the Steelers essentially controlled most of the game before ultimately winning with a field goal in the final seconds.

At the end of the day, I can’t control the outcome of the game. All I can do is let the action unfold and try to capture the images that benefit the team. Sometimes there are more..sometimes less.

Its challenging…and thats why its fun. Here is my take on the game…

RavensSteelersBlog01 RavensSteelersBlog02 RavensSteelersBlog03 RavensSteelersBlog04 RavensSteelersBlog05 RavensSteelersBlog06 RavensSteelersBlog07 RavensSteelersBlog08 RavensSteelersBlog09 RavensSteelersBlog10 RavensSteelersBlog11 RavensSteelersBlog12 RavensSteelersBlog13 RavensSteelersBlog14 RavensSteelersBlog15 RavensSteelersBlog16 RavensSteelersBlog17 RavensSteelersBlog18 RavensSteelersBlog19 RavensSteelersBlog20

Best of the Preseason

Ahhhh….smell that?

The smoke in the tunnel…the beer in the stands…the sweat on the field…smells like football.

Its my favorite time of year…the start of football season.

It really kicks off tonight, with the first regular season game against the Denver Broncos, but here is what the Ravens and I have been up to so far this year…enjoy

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