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Historic Win

After three weeks off from shooting football, I was anxious to get back on the field Sunday.

After a lot of recent criticism about “barely” winning games, the Ravens were anxious to prove their critics wrong. They did…in a big way.

They scored more points than any other team in Ravens history.

As a team photographer I feel an immense amount of pressure and gratitude to have the incredible opportunity to document this team’s history and games like this make it extra special.



There was something a little different in the air at camp yesterday. Despite the first practice being very friendly, competition was rising and some aggression between the offense and defense started to surface.

A group of veterans from Walter Reed Hospital were in attendance, part of the Wounded Warriors Project, and you can’t help but feel inspired when these guys are around.

They have overcome so much, but when you interact with them, you’d never know it. They are truly courageous.

To all veterans, past and present…Thank You