Friends and Foes

It’s no secret..the NFL is a business…a results driven business. Teams acquire coaches and players based on their ability to perform. They are paid millions of dollars to bring success to their teams. If they don’t perform, sometimes they are let go. If they perform really well, sometimes their value is so high that other teams offer them more money than their current teams can afford to keep them. Personnel decisions in the NFL don’t always make sense, but that’s just how it works sometimes.

As coaches and players move on to new opportunities, occasionally they play their former teams. Situations like this normally garner a lot of attention, billed as a chance for the player or coach to get “revenge” on their former team for letting them go. Most of the time these situations are more memorable for allowing old friends the chance to see each other and catch up. The bonds these guys form almost always outshine any business decisions that surround them and it’s always fun to see them reconnect.

In their home opener, the Ravens welcomed the Buffalo Bills to Baltimore. The Bills are a team with several former Ravens, most notably head coach Rex Ryan, assistant coach Ed Reed and quarterback Tyrod Taylor. It was great to see these old friends sharing smiles and hugs with current Ravens before and after the game. During the game, however, it was all business.


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