Best of 2015 – Baltimore Ravens

2015 has come and gone and it’s time to look back and reflect on the experiences I’ve had. I finished up my 9th season as one of the team photographers for the Baltimore Ravens. I share that title with the Ravens other long time team photographer Phil Hoffmann. While Phil has been around from the beginning of the Ravens franchise and has seen many ups and downs, during my time with the team I’ve experienced mostly ups. My first year with the team in 2007, the Ravens went 5-11 and since then they have won a Super Bowl and only missed the playoffs one year. That is until this past year where they once again ended up 5-11.

During the Ravens many successful years I would often think about teams that would only win a handful of games and think, “Man, I wonder what it’s like to be a photographer for THAT team. That must be terrible.”

Well, now I know what it’s like…and you know what…it’s not terrible.

It’s great actually. It’s REALLY great.

Why? Because I love what I do and I am invested in being a part of this team and telling their story, no matter what happens.

Is winning MORE fun? Absolutely. But winning or losing never changes my approach or passion for doing my job.

That being said, here are my favorite moments from a roller coaster of a season.

0001Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0002Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0003Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0004Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0005Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0006Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0007Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0008Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0009Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0010Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0011Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0012Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0013Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0014Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0015Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0016Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0017Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0018Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0019Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0020Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0021Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0022Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0023Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0024Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0025Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0026Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0027Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0028Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0029Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0030Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0031Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0032Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0033Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0034Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0035Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0036Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0037Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0038Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0039Hubbard-Ravens-2015 0040Hubbard-Ravens-2015

2 responses

  1. These photos are incredible! It would be such an experience being able to do such work!

    January 5, 2016 at 9:15 pm

  2. tunisiajolyn84

    I love how you capture the emotion and passion so brilliantly in every picture. Thanks for sharing!

    January 8, 2016 at 9:46 pm

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