Beauty and the Bye Week

Since the Ravens are on their bye week and I don’t have any game pictures to blog, I decided to share some images from the Ravens Cheerleader Calendar shoot back in May. I had originally planned on posting these images a long time ago, but life and business sometimes get in the way.

We shot over the course of 6 days in Jamaica. I’ve had the fortune to photograph in some great locations over the years, but Jamaica provided the most amazing natural beauty that I’ve come across (aside from my honeymoon in Bali). We were trying to go for a very “indigenous” vibe doing our best to avoid making images that looked like they were shot on a resort (although some of them were).

Despite the inevitable challenges that you face on a shoot of this scale (we had a couple days get rained out) I couldn’t be more pleased with the set of images we walked away with…I suppose all those 3am call times were worth it in the end!

We had an amazing crew that made everything possible and I would have been lost without all the great, hardworking people we had along for the trip. Special shout outs to my assistants Sean Scheidt and Elle Perez, who when not assisting me on swimsuit shoots in Jamaica are two incredibly talented photographers.


Calendar01 Calendar02 Calendar03 Calendar04 Calendar05 Calendar06 Calendar07 Calendar08 Calendar09 Calendar10 Calendar11 Calendar12 Calendar13 Calendar14 Calendar15 Calendar16 Calendar17 Calendar18 Calendar19 Calendar20 Calendar21 Calendar22 Calendar23 Calendar24 Calendar25 Calendar26 Calendar27 Calendar28 Calendar29 Calendar30 Calendar31 Calendar32 Calendar33 Calendar34 Calendar35 Calendar36 Calendar37 Calendar38 Calendar39

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