Seeing Red

Another chance to clinch the AFC North slipped past the Ravens on Sunday. By now everyone knows how it all went down against the Redskins. The good thing is that they are still in good shape be a contending playoff team.

However, the story of the week was not necessarily Sunday’s loss…it was the firing of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron on Monday morning. I won’t really get into how I feel about personnel moves. All I know, is that its tough on a lot of people…not only the person getting fired, but their families.

Enjoy the photos, but please be respectful with any comments.

RavensRedskins-blog01 RavensRedskins-blog02 RavensRedskins-blog03 RavensRedskins-blog04 RavensRedskins-blog05 RavensRedskins-blog06 RavensRedskins-blog07 RavensRedskins-blog08 RavensRedskins-blog09 RavensRedskins-blog10 RavensRedskins-blog11 RavensRedskins-blog12 RavensRedskins-blog13 RavensRedskins-blog14 RavensRedskins-blog15 RavensRedskins-blog16 RavensRedskins-blog17 RavensRedskins-blog18 RavensRedskins-blog19 RavensRedskins-blog20 RavensRedskins-blog21 RavensRedskins-blog22 RavensRedskins-blog23 RavensRedskins-blog24 RavensRedskins-blog25 RavensRedskins-blog26

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