Blogging From The Road

The Ravens hosted the Jaguars in another preseason game last Friday. There is nothing too remarkable about the preseason, but the Ravens played well and overall this was a fun game to shoot.

I’m on the road with the Ravens in St. Louis today and I’ll be shooting the game against the Rams later tonight.

Heading down the stretch of a crazy month, I’m thankful to have been shooting so much. I’ll be getting back into Baltimore around 3:00am Friday morning and heading right out to shoot the Baltimore Grand Prix at 7:00am…sleep is overrated

I’m shooting marketing images for the race promoters all weekend. Should be a fun gig.

2 responses

  1. Paul Will

    Shawn, Hello, Im a friend of your pal Sid Keiser. I just have to say your sports shots are absolutely wonderful, great colors, crisp, wonderful creativity……….love it !

    September 6, 2012 at 2:45 pm

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