What’s left to say?

What’s left to say? I’m not going to dissect “what went wrong” at the end of this game.

No amount of analysis is going to put the Ravens on a plane to Indy.

The Ravens had an extraordinary season. I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have had the opportunity to tag along for the ride. This season brought many highs and lows for the Ravens. I too as a photographer experienced successes and failures from game to game.

Opportunities were missed…Billy Cundiff missed a last second field goal…I missed a shot of Torrey Smith diving into the end zone for a touchdown right in front of me. Why? Does it matter?

It sucks…It REALLY sucks

Sulking about it is not going to make the situation any better.

If you want to grow as a professional, you pick your head up, learn from your mistakes, work hard and hope you have the chance to prove yourself the next time opportunity knocks.

I want to thank everyone for tuning in to this blog all season and I hope you’ve enjoyed my work.

If you choose to comment on this blog, please keep it positive.

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