Best of the Preseason

With the NFL season in flux this year, the offseason seemed like it flew by. My offseason was full of traveling for commercial work which I enjoyed tremendously.(I will be posting some shots from those jobs as soon as I get clearance.)

However, shooting portraits and advertising work doesn’t exactly get you ready to shoot pro football. Normally I would start shooting training camp to get into the swing of things and prepare for preseason action. However, since the CBA was reached so late, we didn’t have a full camp open to the public, and I had only shot two days of practice before our first game. For most of the preseason, I found myself feeling a little sluggish and behind the action. You forget how fast the game moves once you’ve been away from it for so long. But after all, thats what the preseason is for…shaking off the rust, and getting back in to peak season form.

Here are a few of my favorite images from this year’s preseason…enjoy

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