The Bucs stopped here

As expected, the Ravens defeated the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium. This is my fourth season with the Ravens, and although I never get bored shooting on gamedays, I do always try and think of new ways to photograph things to keep it fresh. After shooting player introductions from the field for the last 4 years, this game I decided that I would shoot them from inside the tunnel. Its quite a different perspective and I ended up with some unique images that I haven’t seen around before. Besides getting a little choked up from all the smoke they pump out in there, it was a great experience. Celebrating the Ravens win this week didn’t last long. The Ravens host the Steelers, their biggest rival on Sunday night, which always proves to be a great, hard hitting game. Its supposed to be ridiculously cold, but I’m stocked up on hand warmers and ready to go. Enjoy.


One response

  1. Evan Habeeb

    Great stuff once again. I am absolutely in love with the tunnel shots of Suggs and Flacco!

    Also, the shot of the guy outside of the stadium (the 2nd one down on the left) is one of my faves too.

    December 3, 2010 at 11:01 pm

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