Ravens beat Dolphins to stay unbeaten at home

The Ravens extended their consecutive home win steak to 7 by defeating the Miami Dolphins 26-10 on a chilly Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium. An already cold day was amplified by the fact that I shot almost the entire game in the shade…brrrr…it wasn’t too bad though. The lighting in the stadium was pretty terrible as it gets this time of year. For a large portion of the game, half the field is in shade and half in bright sun. On any given play that means you can have a player run from bright sun into the shade or vise versa. I normally shoot on manual for consistency, but I was forced to shoot some of the game on aperture priority because there was just not enough time to change settings in mid play. I also had to shoot on the Ravens sideline because of some shotlist requests, so for much of the game, I was shooting players in the shade, backlight by bright sunlight on the opposite side of the stadium, making it very difficult for the camera to make a suitable exposure. Although I love backlighting portraits, for this type of shooting its less than desirable for the majority of the shots I need. Hopefully I still managed to pull out some decent images…see for yourself.

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